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How we help

Which one is right for you?

Nexperience workshops.


From an introduction session, a half day workshop or a full over view of your customer facing operation, Nexperience opens minds in the pursuit of delivering memorable sharable experiences. 

Who is this for: 

For a small business that needs to effect a mind-set change.

The details: 

Nexpereince workshops are devised and tailored to suit your organisation, with additional elements added as requested.

These can be delivered as half-day workshop with your management team or a thought provoking presentation for a larger group.

The focus is on how you currently attract customers as well as your ability to offer a full six senses experience that stimulate deep ENGAGEMENT throughout your businesses. 

Although this is aimed at small enterprises, most business can benefit from Nexperience principles when building brand affinity though smart ‘Cultural’ and ‘Emotional’ marketing.

As part of the pre-work, a full review of your social media, in real time is made with suggested opportunities to tell your story better. 

NB- All timings can be tailored to your needs as well as Q&A sessions.

FDC Anch

Future Desired State and Marketing sprints

Define a single metric that you would be happy with 12 months from now and then focus all of your marketing and operations on delivering it. From 1 hour to 3 hour sessions depending on needs


Who is this for: 

For business who wish to grow but need a more strategic approach to their marketing and operational aspects.  Those who are looking for more than campaign based lifts but more creating engaged audiences over time

The details: 

Results are steeped in delivering a single self-determined result through a partnership agreement.

The initial sessions allow for the sharing of information and hard hitting questions aimed at having all involved look at the company moving forward. These include future desires, current position, markets you wish to expand into as well as discussing a strategy to achieve realistic targets. 

This will focus on marketing, brand spends, customer numbers, future desired state, customer bubbling, runways and a multitude of other areas.

After this session you will have a clearly denoted and defined single metric to base for your next 12 months efforts around

At this point you can decide to go it alone or enter an agreement with us to become your partner over an agreed period of months.

This strategy ideally works in 3 month flexible blocks, aimed at keep everyone on track through an assigned a mentor as well as a marketing parter.  During the entire process you will have constant access along side a monthly meeting schedule to look at results and recommended adjustments.

This program is either an up front fee for the session itself or an agreed set monthly fee for the length of the contract. In some cases fees can be fluctuated until the delivery of the agreed target occurs.

Cons Anch

Behavioural Marketing

Need some human insight one your product, service or you are a marketing company that wishes to partner on future projects?

Fresh eyes deliver fresh results.


Who is this for: 

For independent front facing retail/hospitality companies or start ups that may require additional help with campaigns, human design or launches of products. While many agencies and operators have great skill in marketing, they often leave out the human emotions, we aim to help build this back into their process.


The details: 

As consumers, we have all developed an acute radar that blocks-out banners, programmatic advertising and thinly masked sales techniques that constantly disturb us. So why do you think your customers and their customers are any different?


Seek out more responsive ways to maximise your social-signalling without breaking your bank. Bigger is no longer better - The creative is the variable.

This service is to complement yours and not replace it. By offering you psychological questions that are steeped in human needs, we help you mould the end customers decision making and ultimately purchasing triggers.

This is not for everyone, if you feel it could be for you then let's start a conversation.

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